Best video editing services and most comprehensive

The development of social media requires us as businessmen to be observant to see opportunities. Business people must understand the development of social media, especially the direction of content. For now, the development of social media is mostly dominated by content in the form of short videos.

This is understandable, given the success of TikTok during the pandemic. The TikTok application, which initially was not accepted by Indonesians, has become one of the most popular short video applications. Fresh, funny, and entertaining content from TikTok content is one of the reasons.

MinTiv can say that, TikTok content is no longer content that is just dancing. You can even find educational, motivational, and inspirational content in these various video applications. Even more surprising, the TikTok application seems to inspire many other social media applications to use the same feature. Short video feature.

Call it Instagram with its reels, Youtube with its shorts, Coco Fun, SnackVideo, and finally Facebook reportedly already includes the Reels feature in its service. Having a business social media that follows this development, is of course mandatory.

Instagram and Facebook only recognize the power of short videos like this, do you think business people who want to be successful don’t want to follow?

However, a question arises about where can you get a good video editor?, one who has a deep sense of taste in the video, can make a company profile video, and animation, and it’s also not awkward to be placed as a talent.

Want to learn from scratch, but don’t have enough time because the business has to keep going? Learning while running a business is also not an effective option. So what is the best choice?

Of course, by entrusting this problem to the experts, namely video editing experts. Before ordering his services, you must first know the 5 video editing services needed to increase sales. The goal is clear. so that the services you choose can be strategically correct.

TikTok Video Service and Instagram Reels

The first is that the provider or agent you choose has TikTok and Instagram Reels video services. Why?. The answer is obvious at the beginning of this article.

You can consider digital agencies that offer this service because they can understand market developments well. You also need to make sure of the agency’s quality.

You can use this TikTok and Instagram Reels video service to legalize or boost your business social media accounts. Moreover, if your agency understands the concept of viral content, viral songs, and also the right form of editing for your services, then you must choose it.

For those of you who want to bother with editing videos for their own TikTok and Instagram content, you can read this article below:

It will take a long time, especially if you are not confident in front of the camera. Of course, you need experienced talent.

Company Profile Video Service

The second is the company profile video service. As the name implies, this service is very useful for those of you who want to introduce your company to the general public in an interesting way. For this section, the resulting video can be long or short.

Depends on the video script that you wrote or wanted. You need a copywriter to be able to determine attractive headlines and copy (text in the video). No need to worry, you can get that by ordering the right video creation service.

Oh yes MinTiv itself also provides graphic design services for corporate brochures. You can order via the number at the bottom of this article.

Animation Video Editing Services

The third is to make sure that the agency you choose can edit animated videos. This is very important, especially if you want to introduce your company, services, and products with cool animation effects.

Video display in the form of animation, of course, will also attract many visitors in terms of design. It is also very suitable to be used to attract the attention of the audience, especially children to watch animated videos.

3D Video Service

What is the difference between the previous service and the 3D video service? The difference is that the video is produced. In the previous service, the video produced was more of a 2D or 2-dimensional type. A 2-dimensional video is a video developed with two axes, namely X and Y.

Meanwhile, 3-dimensional videos are videos that are developed with three dimensions, namely X, Y, and Z. 3D animation has a depth effect, while 2D does not.

Interesting and unattractive matters, depending on the ideas and concepts that the agency provides. If the agency has indeed been proven to be tested in concepts and ideas, as well as for video editing, then you as a businessman must choose it.

Product & Promotion Video Editing Services

The last one is a product video creation and promotion services. Why do you need this service? If your company is engaged in providing products, then you need more than just product photo services. You need an agent who can display the product more attractively in terms of video graphics.

Showing products in the form of videos will also increase buyer interest. Especially if the product is clothing, disposable products, or food products. For the latter, MinTiv will ask.

Are you more interested in seeing photos of foods like burgers just like that, or would you rather watch Tamboy Kun’s burger-eating videos?

Those are 5 services from video-making services that you must understand and learn for your business needs. Then where do you get services with the best video editing services like this? Of course only at